Spring CMS. Seriously easy content management.

Take your content to the web with our simple to use publishing tools.

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Features of Spring CMS

  • Customised to meet your exact requirements
  • Create content using tailor made forms
  • Perfectly adaptable to meet any design or content requirements
  • Sites are built using CSS and HTML5
  • Hosted in the cloud

Powerful Editing

  • Browser based - edit your site anywhere, anytime
  • Strict content validation ensures your website meets the latest industry standards
  • Edit Live or Draft versions of your content
  • Roll back to any previously saved version of a page instantly
  • Swap the form used to edit a page on the fly
  • Widow control - Spring automatically prevents widows appearing on your website


  • Online guide with screen-cast movie clips
  • Unlimited email technical support
  • CMS can be branded
  • Fully hosted solution - an affordable monthly subscription fee

Comprehensive Image and Media support

  • Incredible support for integrating images, audio, video and documents
  • Built in slide shows and galleries
  • Re-size your images as you upload, or let Spring optimise them when displayed
  • Embed YouTube, Vimeo, video or MP3 files simply by creating a link
  • Video and Audio embedded using HTML5 to fully support iOS devices

Search Engine friendly

Advanced Features

  • Integrate powerful multi-step forms with required fields and field validation
  • Ground up support for custom RSS feeds for all content
  • Built using XML, XSLT, XHTML/HTML5 and CSS
  • Create and upload your own CSS
  • Publish content in any language. Full UTF-8 support
  • Automatically display content based on country
  • Built in Content Delivery Network, Spring serves your site around the globe using cloud servers
  • Automatic URL Mapping - Spring tracks changes to content and automatically creates re-directions
  • Cache and embed Twitter streams
  • Automatically delivers simplified version of the site to Internet Explorer 6
  • Embed calendars integrated with Google Calendar
  • Support for delivering mobile versions or browser specific versions of a site
  • Built in support for Eway